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Dive right in, look through the variety of collections and boxes. We have created these collections to make you and your loved-ones extra happy.
Halva Choco
$6.90 USD Sold out
Small Size Date Spread
$4.58 USD
Small Jars Quartet
$12.99 USD $7.77 USD Sold out
Israeli Herbal Tea Blend: Bedouin...
$11.26 USD
Israeli Herbal Tea Blend: Jerusalem...
$11.26 USD
Israeli Herbal Tea Blend: Galilean...
$11.26 USD
Gift Box “Israeli Breakfast”
$31.90 USD
Gift Box "Best Holiday Set"
$109.10 USD Sold out
Sweet Israel
$67.90 USD
Jerusalem Set
$64.60 USD
"Bible Diet" Set
$46.50 USD Sold out
The Tea Set
$40.00 USD
Israeli Bazaar
$33.00 USD
Beauty of Israel Set
$165.00 USD Sold out
Oil and Honey set
$34.50 USD
Israeli Traditions
$18.90 USD